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Overview of Provost Communication #9

Decisions to promote and tenure faculty members are some of the most important made by the University as such decisions determine the quality of the faculty–and thus the stature of the University–for decades to come.

On our campus, Provost Communication No. 9 is the primary source for information on the promotion and tenure process for tenure-stream faculty members. In order to reflect the evolving strategic priorities and current practices of the University, as well as academia more broadly, our campus embarked on an ambitious effort to make significant revisions to Comm9. In 2019, the Provost charged three Task Forces to develop a set of recommendations to update Comm9:

  1. Task Force on the Revision of Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
  2. Task Force on Facilitating and Recognizing Public Engagement
  3. Task Force on Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (follow the Assessing Teaching Effectiveness link below for additional information).

We invite you to review the report from each Task Force where they describe their process, findings, and recommendations. We also hope you will review the revised Comm9. We welcome your feedback and questions regarding the changes we are proposing on Comm9.

P&T Task Force Report    Engagement Task Force Report  Current Comm9 Revised Comm9


Assessing Teaching Effectiveness Website




Do you have questions about the revisions to Comm9? Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions we have received about Comm9 revisions.

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